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2015 Fuji 1.8D 27.5″

MSRP: $479.99

Sale Price: $339.99

2015 Fuji 1.8D 27.5″ mountain bikes. Not an “inline” model because they changed the spec to a SRAM mountain group rather than the 1.9D’s Shimano group. This bike features SRAM X3 front and rear derailleurs and SRAM shifters offering up a 21 speed drive train for versatility. This bike also includes Tektro disc brakes front and rear for confident, controlled braking and of course an adjustable front suspension fork. One of the highlights are the 27.5″ wheels to ensure that you roll faster and more efficiently  over obstacles, yet maintain agility!

Come on in before they’re gone! Available at all three locations.2015_FUJI_NEVADA 27-5_1.9-2_side

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